Posted on: October 27, 2010 9:34 pm

Say it ain't so!

So today we hear that Dale Tallon is pushing the idea of introducing coach’s challenges to the NHL after his Florida Panthers were “robbed” of a victory the other night. He feels that, similar to the NFL, an NHL head coach should be able to challenge a ruling on the ice.

I get that allowing coaches to challenge calls will help the accuracy. But ice hockey is such a game of momentum, I think allowing coaches whose teams are on the ropes the ability to slow things down by challenging a call can be an unfair advantage. I hate to see anything added that significantly slows the flow of the game.

Additionally, the NHL doesn’t have anything that can dissuade a coach from challenging a play. In the NFL, if a coach challenges a play and is incorrect he loses a timeout. While there are timeouts in the NHL, they do not hold the same value in the NHL and I do not believe would be the same deterrent as in the NFL.

The bottom line is that I cannot recall many plays in the playoffs that a coach’s challenge would have changed the course of the Cup victory. A regular season loss for the below average Florida Panthers is nothing anyone outside of Dale Tallon is concerned about. He should be happy they didn’t get the “W.” He needs the highest draft pick he can get, wins aren’t doing the Panthers any good.

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Posted on: October 23, 2010 8:06 am

Where did you go, Jay-Bo?

It was big news this offseason when Mike Peca criticized Jay Bouwmeester and said he was easy to play against. It wasn’t a huge surprise as the knock against Bouwmeester was that he never played as big as his 6’4” frame would indicate.

The surprising thing about the comment to me was that it indicated a lack of respect for Bouwmeester as a defenseman in the league. For a former player to make such a statement shows that Peca never worried about him making a difference in a game.

No matter how “soft” a player he was, at least he could be counted on for offensive contributions, averaging 14 goals and 26 assists over his last 3 seasons in Florida. However, that part of his game took a hit as well last season as he put up the 26 assists but dropped to just a meager 3 goals.

Last season’s poor performance, combined with the sharp criticism fro. Peca really put the pressure on Bouwmeester to get off to a good start this season. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened either going scoreless in the first six games of the season finally picking up an assist against Columbus in a 6-2 rout.

What once started as a promising career has slowly deteriorated to mediocrity. With his large contract in Calgary, hopefully Bouwmeester can turn it around and find his game again, lest he succumb to the same fate as Wade Redden.

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