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Thank Goodness!

Word from the "experts" is the the GMs shot down Dale Tallon's "coach's challenge" proposal and I couldn't be happier. While the idea has been successful in the NFL for years, it just wouldn't work in the NHL game.

Hockey is a game in almost continuous motion. hile the NFL is full of stops and starts between each play, hockey can continue on for long stretches. Would the coach have to wait for a stoppage to issue a challenge on a play? If so, would we then have to rewind the game and start back to the time of the questioned call? It has the potential to be a mess.

For those that would argue that it could be used only for disputed goals as play would be stopped in these instances, there are problems there as well. There just isn't a fair deterrent to keep coach's from disputing anything and everything that happens on the ice. Timeouts just don't carry the same weight in the NHL as they do in football. Some say that the team should be charged a 2 minute minor for delay of game if the play isn't overturned. On the surface, this sounds like a solution; however, too many calls would be upheld, not because the challenge wasn't legitimate, but because of inconclusive replay. I don't think it is fair to assess a 2 minute minor when the coach's only fault may be that the NHL doesn't have good enough replay angles to make the correct call.

At the end of the day, this change would bring more problems than it would solve and I don't see that as a change worth making.

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  • A two game suspension was handed down to James Wisniewski today for his oral sex gesture to Sean Avery. I figured they'd suspend him, but 2 games? Nick Boynton only received a one game suspension for a THROAT SLASH gesture. I guess society is really more afraid of sex than they are violence.
  • Niklas Hjalmarsson received a 2 game suspension for his hit on Jason Pominville. I could go either way on this one. I don't believe there was an intent to injure and a case could be made tha Pominville put himself in a compromised position. However, the league needs to send a message to players that they need to be more aware when they are checking players to avoid more injuries.

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10/11/2010 Avalanche @ Flyers

1st period - Flyers dominate the period. Claude Giroux's shorthanded tally was another impressive display of skill. He and Mike Richards make a dangerous penalty killing tandem. Carter's goal was only a few seconds after Richards got out of the box. 

2nd period - Colorado is starting to get the better of the play in this period. For a 19 year old scoring line player, Matt Duchene responsibly backchecks like a 15 year veteran. A few years from now, we may be saying how the Avs drafted the best player in the 2009 entry draft.

3rd period - Nice goal by Milan Hejduk. A goal scorer's goal for sure. After the Avs tied the score, the game has been a bit vanilla as each team seems to not want to lose. An absolutely pathetic shot by Kyle Quincey. Wide open in front of Bobrovsky, and the lets loose this weak little shot right into the crest on "Bobs" jersey. Kyle will never be a big goal scorer on the blueline. Lucky bounce for Carter on the 3rd Flyers goal. Mike Richards is an underrated passer. 

Overall, another strong effort for the Flyers. I am really starting to like having Carter play RW on Richards’ line. He could return to the 40 goal plateau if he stays there this year. Look for another 50 assist year for Richards as well. (Plea to Laviolette: Please take Carcillo off that line. He is not good enough to play on a top line.) Claude Giroux has been Philadelphia’s most dynamic player early in the season and he may be ready to break out statistically this year. Sergei Bobrovsky with another good showing. I like his movements and the way he carries himself on the ice. I am concerned that he seems to lose sight of the puck easily. Hopefully the coaching staff can work with him on puck recognition to minimize the miscues. 

For the Avs, it was the first time I have seen them this year. Overall, they had some good stretches of play. Stastny and Duchene will be a great 1-2 punch at center for years to come. Chris Stewart is an emerging power forward and Hejduk can still snipe the puck as evidenced by his third period goal. However, this team NEEDS a top end defenseman. Cumisky, Liles, and Quincey are all good support defensemen and Foote provides leadership, but the biggest hole in this lineup is clearly a number one defenseman. Forward depth needs to improve as well. Anderson is a nice goaltender, but this team needs Calvin Pickard to develop quickly before they are ready to make any kind of Cup run.

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